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AS Eesti ESM – Building company EestiESM OÜ


The history of building enterprise EESTI ESM AS originates in 1962 when management “Sevenergostrojmehanizatsija” (SESM) was created in structure of trust “Sevenergostroj” working on all northwest of Soviet Union. In this management, among others, Baltic and Narva departments were organized.
The enterprise has under his belt such objects as Balti and Eesti power plants, heat station “Iru” in Tallinn, heat station “Ahtme”, reconstruction of heat station “Kohtla-Jarve”, boiler-house “Kadaka”.

After acceptance of independence of Estonia the enterprise has acted in submission of the Ministry of power of Estonia. On November, 13, 1991, according to the decision no. 963, municipality of Narva has given out the sanction for registration and activity of EESTI ESM AS. The new stage of life of the enterprise is counted since that moment. Thus, at the end of 1991 Eesti ESM OÜ appeared in avant guarde of process of stock certification of the local enterprises.

The staff of workers of firm is counted now by 100 person. They are qualified employees with the big experience of work at the enterprise. The good repair depot and big park of building techniques (dredges, bulldozers, dumpers, cranes, graders, pile-driving and boring installations) give EESTI ESM AS confidence of successful work of the enterprise for “tomorrow”.

Our main office:

Vestervalli tn.2-10, 20307 Narva, Ida-Virumaa, Eesti.